Sketch Swap USK Sydney and Hong Kong

April 27, 2016 | 4 Comments

Earlier this year I took part in a wonderful sketch swap between Urban Sketchers Sydney and Hong Kong.

A group of us were chatting after the Urban Symposium in Singapore about a way to build on the connections formed at that event, and decided to see if another USK group would be interested in swapping sketches with us. Having a big group of 25 Aussies at the symposium was a great way to integrate Australia into the USK network, but we wanted to do something for the local sketchers who couldn’t make it to the symposium.

There was a similar exchange a few years ago between USK Montreal and Girona (Spain) and since then I have always wanted to do something similar. So we approached Hong Kong and they said yes….and a sketchswap was born!

I swapped with the great sketcher Elaine Chiu who sent me a gorgeous postcard (below) and above is the sketch that I sent of of my favourite streetscape in Sydney – with a few extra goodies!

There is something very special about received an original art work in the mail. Thank you Elaine – I love it and hope that sometime soon we can sketch together in Hong Kong.

Click here to scroll through all the sketches that were exchanged. There is a lovely dialogue happening between many of the sketches.


A huge thanks to Chantal Vincent and Alvin Wong for organising the groups….and especially to Chantal for putting the blog posts together. I hope you that you will go and look through them all – what a collection!


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