Singapore Trip: Getting there

January 7, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Ok…here we go!!!!

First I will start with re-posting my art supplies that I took with me. It might come as no surprise that I can home with just one or two (!?! or 10???) additional items.

This year, my trip prep actually became post-trip homework!!

Here is a simple research page – the Peranaken porcelain was a random book I bought years ago while filling in time in KL airport. I have seen it on my shelf and often wondered why I bought it… but it turned out to be a wonderful read so of course I had to draw something from it. (Sadly I didn’t actually get a chance to draw one of these in real life during my visit)

The different styles of shophouses copied from another great book. I had intended to do these sketches beforehand so I knew what I was looking at. It would have been good if I had- but I only managed to start this page and I finished today!

Last day at work – in fact it turned out to be my last day working as an architect!!!

Final night packed – I posted one part of this page at the time – this is the full spread. It includes some lovely flowers that I received from work that day – they didn’t realise I was going overseas the next day….so naturally I had to sketch once I had packed my bag. The usual sketch of my clothes…took a little more than I needed this time!

The one time when I COULD have a simple short flight (a single 8 hour flight is short for me) … but no…instead I flew to Brisbane and had a number of hours to fill in. This was because I found a flight using my points – amazing as there is normally nothing at all at Xmas time.

The second flight was very nice… as it was premium economy!!! Hard to capture the spaciousness of this part of the plane…
(Also, I have sketched this exact plane before in July 2010 at Sydney airport!)

Such a special treat flying premium economy I had to draw a detail explaining how lovely and comfy it was..and the fact that I got a nice cup of tea in a nice fine china cup and saucer.

And then I arrived in Singapore – forgetting my sketchbook is almost unbelievable I know, a sign that I was rather exhausted… but I had to record my first meal in Singapore so did a quick sketch from a photo later. SO great to see Tia again!

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