Singapore Trip: Getting there

January 7, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Ok…here we go!!!!

00 Trip Prep 1 Getting Ready

First I will start with re-posting my art supplies that I took with me. It might come as no surprise that I can home with just one or two (!?! or 10???) additional items.

This year, my trip prep actually became post-trip homework!!

00 Trip Prep 2 Research

Here is a simple research page – the Peranaken porcelain was a random book I bought years ago while filling in time in KL airport. I have seen it on my shelf and often wondered why I bought it… but it turned out to be a wonderful read so of course I had to draw something from it.(sadly I didn’t actually get a chance to draw one of these in real life during my visit)
The different styles of shophouses copied from another great book. I had intended to do these sketches beforehand so I knew what I was looking at. It would have been good if I had- but I only managed to start this page and I finished today!

00 Trip Prep 3 Packing

Final night packed – I posted one part of this page at the time – this is the full spread. It includes some lovely flowers that I received from work that day – they didn’t realise I was going overseas the next day….so naturally I had to sketch once I had packed my bag. The usual sketch of my clothes…took a little more than I needed this time!

01 Fr21_01 Flight 1

The one time when I COULD have a simple short flight (a single 8 hour flight is short for me) … but no…instead I flew to Brisbane and had a number of hours to fill in. This was because I found a flight using my points – amazing as there is normally nothing at all at Xmas time.

01 Fr21_02 Flight 2

The second flight was very nice… as it was premium economy!!! Hard to capture the spaciousness of this part of the plane…
(Also, I have sketched this exact plane before in July 2010 at Sydney airport!)

01 Fr21_03 Arriving in Singapore

Such a special treat flying premium economy I had to draw a detail explaining how lovely and comfy it was..and the fact that I got a nice cup of tea in a nice fine china cup and saucer.
And then I arrived in Singapore – forgetting my sketchbook is almost unbelievable I know, a sign that I was rather exhausted… but I had to record my first meal in Singapore so did a quick sketch from a photo later.

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