Additional Saturday workshop in Vicenza in 2020

November 6, 2019 | Leave your thoughts

A lot of the participants of previous Palladian Odyssey tours have told us that they absolutely loved the town of Vicenza and wished that they had had more there. So Mike and I have decided to add an optional extra day workshop in Vicenza to tie in with next year’s Palladian Odyssey Veneto Tours.

This additional day will include

  • a morning printmaking workshop in the incredible historic studio of master printer Giancarlo Busato.
  • guided tour of the mind-blowing Olympic theatre (by Palladio) with Monica Facchini – our art historian who brings places alive with her incredible story telling.
  • a visit to Palladio’s most famous villa with another wonderful Monica tour and a guided sketching session with me
  • a lovely afternoon walk with the opportunity for a sketch of a panoramic view of Vicenza
  • all meals and one night’s accommodation included.

More details about this additional day are found here.

I’m super excited about this add-on as it not only provides a special printmaking workshop, and a few more tours of this incredible part of Italy, but it also gives the participants a chance to put into practice the new skills that they have learnt during the tour in some more casual sketching sessions.

So if you have been considering joining us for a Palladian Odyssey tour, next year is great time to signup because of this special additional day option.

Many people say to me that there would like to do a Palladian Odyssey tour some day. And ‘someday never comes’, I believe that a lot of people think that they have to wait until they are ‘good enough’ to go on a workshop tour such as this one. It’s simply not the case that you need to be a good sketcher to go on a PO Tour or a big sketching event such as a USK Symposium!

One of the goals of the Palladian Odyssey Veneto tours is to help people develop their travel sketching skills particularly when it comes to sketching buildings – regardless of their skill and experience. You don’t need to be ‘good’ as I have designed the workshops to help everyone whatever stage they are at.

Each time we run these tours we have had a varied group of sketchers (from beginners to more seasoned sketched) and we have seen significant development in everyone’s work. Having a dedicated week to focus on your travel sketching is the best way to see big growth and we always have a super supportive group cheering you on during the tour. The last big sketching session in Vicenza is always a great way for the group to show each other how much they have learnt during the week.

And hey! hanging out in the Veneto Region of Italy with incredible scenery and meals is pretty good too!

Click here for more information about the Vicenza workshop

Click here to join us for the second Veneto tour 01-05 June 2020 (there are only a few spots left)

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