Saturday evening Landscape

February 23, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

I have been hankering after a landscape sketch and so tonight pulled out a photo album looking for something to paint.

I have done this scene before a number of times… so I was very curious to see how it would come out.

A little(!?!) overworked and my colours as just SO intense (notice the touches of opera rose…I just HAD to do that) but it has made me want to do some more!!! (but next time a little more regulated)

My thoughts doing this were “more water equals more fun” and “mixing watercolour pencil and watercolour paint at various (spontaneous) stages equals play” … and the third thought I never had “I need to add ink to hold this together”…no! it is not needed!

Interesting to compare with last years sketch of this when I was actually there

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