Pink Blue and Brown

October 15, 2014 | 2 Comments

Yesterday on the way home from the gym was a good chance to try to get back into a regular habit of sketching (what?)… I mean the regular habit of sketching out of the house during a busy work day. Right at the moment I have a terrible tendency to start work at 8.00am and switch off my computer at 11.30pm. A little insane I know… but it is just a busy period – ah! the joys of a freelance lifestyle. Thankfully the end of the total craziness is only a day away!  I do have lots of little breaks during the day for meals and cups of tea and some days I even get to the gym in the early afternoon… but I am always thinking-thinking-thinking about my projects. Getting out of the house for a sketch breaks that. I focus just on what I am sketching.

So this was  a random exploration of yet another Californian Bungalow – the standard stock in my part of Sydney. I started this with my middle purple pink Faber Castell WCP and painted over the top to tone done the pink-ness and then I started playing…just seeing where it led me. I like the limited palette and a colour combination that is not usual for me.
And you will notice the additions on the page just to tie this sketch into other trivia from the day.

Ok… I have done it. Finally… a short blog post! Sigh!

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  • I'd be so thankful to just have a job right about now. But I do know those long busy days. Glad you find some time for your sketching. I think it is quite grounding for you and always so lovely.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Hope you get a job soon Crimson Leaves. I am thankful that I am busy – I knowhow hard it is not to have work!

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