Not quite a normal monday

October 8, 2012 | 2 Comments

Some days I just seem to sketch a lot for a normal day… maybe not so normal…(what is normal anyway?)

Packing for my little adventure… However it was not to be….so now I have to unpack! Some colours are impossible for me to mix with my current selection of markers, but right now I just don’t want to go out and buy more art supplies! I was looking forward to getting back to watercolour and using a large watercolour moleskine sketchbook (what did I say about new art supplies?!?) for my new adventure (see below to find out what that adventure was supposed to be)…so now I am thinking about what to do instead….

Waiting in my car for my physio appointment… Nothing very inspiring so I just drew the view in front of me as I saw it.

My little adventure was to be 3 weeks looking after 2 cats who live in a lovely house near the beach (while the owners were away). Sadly one of the owners was not able to go away so my services were not needed. I returned the key and went for a wee walk along the beach this evening- making the most of the first week night of summer time (daylight saving)… It was rather chilly so quick sketching was needed. I ran out of ink (while doing another page in the waiting room at my physio and so these are all inkless) Sketching beaches is not something that I feel totally in control of … I really should get to the beach more- Sydney has the most wonderful collection of them!

Tree while waiting for my fish and chips

Super quick scribble on the walk back to the car in the fading light – past 7.15pm.


  • Felicity says:

    Oh, I'm so disappointed for you, Liz! I do hope it will inspire you to get to the beach more often though, it would be lovely to see your sketches throughout our winter!

  • Well darn, I had a very similar situation occur to me about a month or so ago. Some friends of mine where going mountain climbing but found out they werent so ready for the mountain so I was out of the job. Regardless I agree with felicity, being that I'm 7500 above sea level our winters get cold. Seeing your images will warm my heart. Can't wait till you head off on another trip.

    Speaking of trip I need to get one going, any advice or thoughts to help me out?

    Regardless your sketches are still very inspiring to me. I wish we had more time to visit back in santo domingo and I hope to see you again.

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