New SketchingNow course coming in 2019: Watercolour On Location

December 12, 2018 | 7 Comments

I’m excited to announce that I will be releasing a new course in 2019 called Watercolour On Location.

This is in direct response to requests from lots of people who finished SketchingNow Watercolour – they wanted a Watercolour Part 2!

In this new course we will be building on the skills which we developed in SketchingNow Watercolour (controlling water, mixing, layering, working wet, using colour and starting with darks), and focusing on sketching complex scenes on location in ink and watercolour.

At the moment I’m still in the early stages of planning and want your input so that I can make this course for you.


Join the Watercolour on Location mailing list for updates

Please join the mailing list and let me know what you want to learn about using watercolour for urban sketching. What I want to know is:

What you are struggling with at the moment when sketching in watercolour out on location?

I made an announcement about this course last week in my Newsletter and I’ve already received lots of responses. You have no idea how helpful all the comments are and how much I love reading them.

You can also leave a message below but it is easier for me to track via email. And of course once you are on the mailing list, you can keep in touch and will get special sneak peaks as I prepare the lessons for the course.



  • Stephanie Alexander says:

    How do I email? I have trouble with accuracy, I’m working on simplifying more.

  • John Burman says:

    I have trouble putting in enough colour and enough shadows

  • jeff slaga says:

    I took Watercolor One and enjoyed it. I would like lots more video of you doing sketch/paint after sketch/paint while you talk thru your decisions and process.

  • Brook Trout says:

    Ideas for this new class.

    Some of us have trouble sitting on the ground as we see in your videos. Not always having a bench or short wall to sit on. Do you have suggestions for stools to carry along.

    Could you also show, explain ways to set up our tools and sketchbook when sitting or maybe standing.

    Thanks, your classes are great – short and using every minute with examples and explanations. Then another short lesson. Good that you break them up.


    • Anne Lyle says:

      FWIW, I took a Walkstool on the 2018 Palladian Odyssey tour – it was light enough that I could lug it around in my sketching bag, though i did ditch it on the very last day when we were back in Vicenza (plenty of steps to sit on!). They’re more expensive than the little folding stools you see on Amazon, but really sturdy and compact, and being three-legged they’re stable on almost any surface.

  • Fay Tracy says:

    So excited for Part 2! I have all your classes and simply love them. Liz, I would say your style and methods have influenced me more than any other artist I follow.

    What intimidates me the most is sketching people in my drawings….. so I don’t! Complex skill I know and maybe not appropriate for Part 2…. maybe Part 3! Just a thought!

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