My Sketchbook Design teacup

February 25, 2021 | Leave your thoughts

So I bought a new teacup earlier this year!

This cup (part of the Lisbon range by Ashdene) was purchased to celebrate the launch of my new course Sketchbook Design and I’ve absolutely loved drinking tea out of it. For some reason the three Ashdene cups which I own are made of the nicest china – the tea stays hot and they are just delightful to drink from.

It’s a very elegant cup and has helped my tea breaks become super calm. It also reminds me of two wonderful sketching trips to Lisbon in 2018 and 2011. 🙂

This pattern should be relatively easy to sketch as it’s just a blue pattern on white… but that’s not the case. As the pattern is so fine, delicate and complicated it’s really hard for me to sketch with my usual flow. This is the third time I’ve attempted to sketch it, and using a smaller brush definitely helped.

And finally, in honour of the theme of Sketchbook Design I added a colour block to the page!

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