London Day 1 - Starting on a high note!

October 7, 2013 | 1 Comment

Following on from time in Cardiff In July (after the USK Symposium in Barcelona) I spend the last 3 and a bit days in London…and my first afternoon consisted mainly of drinking tea and drawing cake (didn’t actually manage to eat it all at the time!)

But first – my journey. Sitting in a coach with the luxury of a spare seat beside me and then a quick distorted view of my room at Imperial College Princes Garden. Great basic location in a good location (next to V&A- not that I actually got to V&A this trip…but it felt nice to walk past it everyday!!!)

As my notes say – I met up with Katherine Tyrrell who gave me an amazing tour of the RA Summer Exhibition. She knows all about the latest artists and told me lots of interesting details about the artists and trends in British Art.

We also popped into Hatchards an amazing bookstore just across the road where I managed to pick up a book I was told I had to buy “tea and Cake- London” (dont think I need to say anything further!)

And then the big part of the day – High Tea at Fortnum and Mason. Katherine has written up a great review of the afternoon – so I recommend you pop over there and read all about it. It seems a long time ago for me now… but I still remember how caked-out I was.

It was beautiful and we had a great time! We were there for 5 hours talking, sketching, drinking tea and eating a little! We were the last ones there and the staff were SO nice to us. Thanks Katherine for a lovely afternoon!!!

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