Lean Week

November 3, 2014 | 10 Comments

The last week (less Sunday my rest day) have been so full on with work that I don’t feel like I have sketched at all… but there are still a few pages.

Today – I put De Atramentis Brown ink in the sailor pen I bought in Singapore 2 years ago. The pen has never flowed very well… and somehow today with the brown ink in it something amazing happened. It is working beautifully! wow! I am trying to pull myself together with my food – it is not cake, but all the little snacks I eat during the day and night as I work long hours. The apple crumble is part of the diet I am on – truly!

Late Saturday evening I sat down and dreamt about doing some sewing… maybe one day I will carve out some time for it. In anticipation I bought a few Deer and Doe patterns lately… now I have to find material as well as time! This is a very messy just for me page.

You saw the gourd page last week – the other side was a new pair of shoes. I have big problems with my feet and finding shoes is very hard. Very happy with these… but will they turn out to be totally comfortable??

I am in need of a sketching outing…and guess what?

Tomorrow is my first scheduled SketchingNow adventure – an outing to a part of Sydney I haven’t sketched yet in order to generate some new examples for my online class. It is a bit of a drive but I am very excited about my destination – I think it will be a fitting first location.

Just over a week to go now… back to my video editing…


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