Last week: Time for a new routine?

April 4, 2022 | Leave your thoughts

Last week was not a particularly great week in terms of sketching… in fact I felt a bit uninspired and have decided that it’s time to change my daily routines!

I’m missing the regular visits to Lane Cove National Park and when it’s raining there are so few options in my local area. But regardless of the less than exciting subject matter last week, I had fun with the layout of my pages. And ah! it’s so good to be using my favourite book again – 8×10 Softcover Alpha.

As I’m gearing up to go through the concepts from my Sketchbook Design course again, I decided to do some thumbnails to review the layouts from last week. I was looking at horizontal vs vertical and how I varied it from spread to spread. Sketchbook Design is about more than just the layout of a single double-page spread!

Another reminder that there is a group going through the course – starting this week Wednesday 6 April. If you are interested in enrolling in the course find out more here. If you did Sketchbook Design last year, look out for an email with more details tomorrow.

Okay… time to share the pages….


An overcast sketch of the Village Green – I started with the background building for a change.

A very busy day preparing for the final Foundations Livestream (see here for more) and if I hadn’t sketched my coffee in the morning my sketchbook would have been totally neglected! I filled the right page with a printed combo of all the sketching I did that day in prep for the Livestream.

Another Village Green sketch while sipping my coffee and part of the design of the cross-stitch I’m currently working on. The relationship between the crosses and the back-stitches is very interesting!

An early morning zoom call (and blind contour portraits), totally lacking inspiration during my wet walk, coffee & sketch and a lovely teapot with a very challenging pattern.

Late in the day, I visited Lane Cove park (the only visit in the week) on a very wet afternoon. Because everything about the scene was very soggy I worked very wet (and a little out of control). Now that Daylight Saving has ended for us the park is closing an hour earlier – another reason to re-think my daily routines.

I got my Deep Deep Light palette out to paint the teapot the day before (the DDL Ultramarine Rose is a beautiful pink) so I thought it was a good chance to remind myself of the colours in my set.

Later in the day, I had a planning session at my local cafe – sketching the view rather than just my coffee. 🙂

Friday night Palladio – following a suggestion on Instagram I sketched his Loggia in Vicenza. I think this is the Palladian building I have sketched the most – both on location and from photos.

I also finished off my colour chart of DDL paints. I didn’t get around to adding labels for all the colours. 🙂

The final three double-page spreads for the week were done on Saturday thanks to a USK Sydney meet…. but I’ll share more about these in a separate article. 🙂

In summary… in terms of my Monday-Friday sketching it wasn’t the most exciting week, but I’m still relatively happy with the record I’ve created and loved making the design of my pages as interesting as I could.

I hope you had a good week of sketching.

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