January 2021 Sketching

January 30, 2021 | 3 Comments

And just like that January is over! It was a big month for me sketching-wise… or more accurately… it was abig month for me sketchbook-wise! 

It does feel as if it was a long time ago that I shared my 2021 sketching goals!


In January…

I tried to start doing weekly sketching outings but this proved to be harder than I thought it would be!

I only managed two real sketching outings although I am making an effort to leave my suburb for social reasons each week and then try to sketch something on these occasions.

My two outings were:


However, the main theme for January was related to my Sketchbook Design course…

I finished filming the course and documented the setup before moving everything back to normal. And then I started more regularly sharing my everyday sketches, doing the weekly Sketchbook Design exercises:


I drew the periodic table for my nephew and then shared a page entitled A few tips for beginners which I created for the course.


And finally I did a little review of some new brushes.

After a few lean months here on the blog, it’s been great to get back to more regular publishing! In fact, I’m trying to go back to 5 times a week.

If you missed it, I’ve decided to have a break from Instagram and it feels liberating not to have to contain everything into a small image and a few paragraphs. I’m absolutely loving re-building my relationship with my blog as something special happens when I freely document my thoughts and share my work regularly here.

I do miss the activity and comments that Instagram generates (I know that it takes effort to comment on a blog post and so a huge thanks to everyone who does!) but I love the fact that I’m not reliant on an algorithm! If you subscribe to receive every blogpost via email, the email does go out every time. BTW if you want that feature please signup here.

So how was your January sketching? Are you pleased with what you managed to achieve?



  • Mary Eastwood says:

    Liz, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy receiving your blog posts in my inbox. So much so that I finally broke down & joined your “Sketchbook design” course which I liked so much that I immediately signed up for your “Watercolour on Location” course as well.
    I’ve taken many courses over the years but you really are an amazing teacher. You are a natural!!! … and so much fun to listen to as you are so passionate about watercolour & each session is packed with information & personal tips. I like the fact that each lesson/tip is fairly short & then you move on to the next one so that we can absorb each step. There is so much information that I will go back and listen time & time again. Thank you for sharing your talent so generously!

  • Lynn Manning says:

    I have largely left Instagram and am happier because of it. I am glad to see you refocusing efforts on your blog. I love the newsy chatty feel of your blog posts and catching up with your day and your thoughts. It feels more personal than Instagram, and I find that connection to be exactly what I need. I always take the time to read your posts!

  • Vickie Wilson says:

    I look forward to every post and am grateful for them, thank you.
    Just wanted to say that the Sketchbook Design course has been a game changer for me. I got so much out of the other courses but was still feeling like I wasn’t quite there. I wasn’t happy with most of my work and I was trying too hard to make a great watercolor; instead of just enjoying the journey. But that has all changed! The design element makes a huge difference to my pages even if the sketches are wonky. As a matter of fact I now realize that I don’t want Realism, I want Impressionism and I want a nicely laid out sketchbook that’s fun to flip thru. So again, thank you.

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