I did it - Now it's time to make changes!

April 18, 2016 | 2 Comments

Well, I made it! Over three months without changing my palette. See this post or click on the palette on the side bar for more details.

Now… I can make some changes. Yay!

I think there are going to be four that I will make but only one is intended to be permanent – in fact it is returning on e slot in this current palette (set up while I was in Norfolk Island) back to what it was.

It was good to lock it in so I had some stability… but hmm, I am a little disappointed that it was a little too easy to stick with it! I really have had no desire to change anything  – probably because I have been so busy working on big projects and haven’t had time to think about playing.

But now that the time is up, I am suddenly ready to mix it up and try out two new colours as I think this will motivate me to get back sketching more.

Note. This week’s edition of Last Week’s Sketches will be a day late as I madly work on my big book deadline. Almost there… see you tomorrow!



  • Joanne McCabe says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that you’ve got so many different blues (you paint architecture, after all), but it is intriguing that the other primaries (yellow, red) are minimally represented. Instead, you have greens and oranges (secondary colors). Is there some deliberate reason for this?

    I have ordered a tube of Buff Titanium, since I’ve long been intrigued by it. It’s a color that looks useful, but that one can’t necessarily put one’s finger on. I would have no clue, for example, how to use the red/blue/yellow primaries to mix it, although it theoretically should be possible.

    • Liz Steel says:

      quick answer… I have two yellows and two red (transparent pyrrol orange is dark enough to be my warm red)… and the secondaries are because to make it easier when sketching quickly and with limited water supply. More soon…. and about Buff as well.

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