I am ALWAYS sketching architecture

November 8, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Whether it is out on location….
St Matthews Manly from my cousins wedding on Saturday

An hour at Milsons Point …having fun sketching the Luna Park gates and then a very quick opera house sketch witn my new 3.8mm pilot parallel calligraphy pen (I never get sick of sketching this buidling!)

….. Or just some relaxation sketching after dinner.Trying different techniques and pen/colours….

…. Or a doodle at work

(from my Italian desktop calendar) while waiting for something to print.

This is an example of my standard work sketching style – my bread and butter sketching that I have been doing for 20 years done with an Artline 0.4 black felt pen. Before I discovered watercolour I was totally addicted to cross hatching- it is the way that I think when designing – and it wasn’t until I started drawing my food that I started to restrain myself…now I hardly ever use it.

It doesn’t matter what you sketch as long as you keep sketching. Whilst I much prefer being outside sketching, I find it very useful to be constantly sketching and experimenting from photos in training for on location sketching.

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