Happy Holidays

December 24, 2019 | 8 Comments

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope that whatever you do, you have a lovely time this week.

This Christmas tree is loosely based on a shopping centre (mall) tree I saw in my travels today as I don’t have a tree myself. I was testing out one of the new White Nights metallic watercolours (Antique Gold mixed with DS Quin Gold) so this sketch sparkles in real life. A Xmas tree is a fun subject to paint and a good opportunity to play!


Some of you might know that I don’t observe Xmas day as a religious event and don’t make a big fuss about having a big family day.

The reasons for those two shocking statements are:

1. Although I’m a Christian, I don’t observe Christmas as we are not told to observe Christ’s birth in the Bible. I do believe we are to observe one day in seven – the Lord”s Day as a day of rest and worship commemorating His rising from the dead. I personally think it’s a much better deal to have a special day once a week!!! (And BTW I’m totally convinced my weekly day of rest and reset is the secret why I get some much done – I can work hard for 6 days in a row as I have a weekly rest and spiritual recharge every Sunday – it’s wonderful!)

2. I don’t need to be with my family on the 25th and sometimes I am travelling overseas on my own. We have many great times together during the year but do try to catch up sometime in December – normally on the 25th or 26th. I don’t need presents as I feel that having the family I do is better than anything money can buy.


I know that it can be really tough for people without family or those who are coming to terms with the recent passing of loved ones, or are suffering illness. I have just a few minutes ago received a sad email about a follower who is very very ill at the moment, and it’s a good reminder of the important things.

So sending you all a big virtual hug for the holiday season.





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