Florian Afflerbach: Der Zeichner

April 12, 2018 | 2 Comments

Last week I received my copy of Florian Afflerbach: Der Zeichner – a crowdfunded book celebrating the work of one of my USK friends – Florian (Flaf) – who was tragically killed in a traffic accident in 2016.

I was completed blown away by this book on many levels. It’s a stunningly beautiful book (more like an architectural monograph than a typical art book) and it’s wonderful to be able to look through a selection of Florian’s body of work.

More about the book here.

The first part of the book is filled with beautiful tribute essays from a number of Florian’s friends, including some sketching friends Arno Hartmann,Gerard Michel, Lapi, Michael Kalman, Matthew Brehm, Rolf Schroter, Luis Ruiz Padron. The most moving was the one written by his partner Tina.

The rest of the book is simply a collection of Florian’s work.

The quantity and quality of the artwork is outstanding and I have already spend much time turning the pages and being filled with inspiration. Many pages contain the type of sketches which I expected to see (cars and buildings) but there a many surprises as well.

Here a few my favourites from the book:

Florian was best known for his car sketches and I was always amazed by how perfectly he was able to draw them. There are numerous pages like this in the book.

Even though his was referred to as the ‘car guy’, when I think of Florian, I think mainly of his architectural work. He was able to achieve perfect perspective and accurately represent fancy building details and this is a great example.

His pencil work was amazing especially for complex architecture…

but also beautiful landscapes like this one! Wow!

And then there are some great sketches done with fineliners. (BTW This sketch doesn’t fit into my image of a typical Flaf sketch.)

And some with a lot of context. (Another a-typical Flaf sketch?)

I was very taken with a few looser sketches – watercolour only.

But of course, even when just using watercolour, Florian could achieve precision.

And then there are a few marker only sketches. Nice!

I think my favourite page is this one, which contains three vertical pencil sketches of Venice. Beautiful!

There are so many incredible sketches in this book but I will finish with this lovely coloured pencil car sketch.

I can’t find the words to express how much I will treasure this book!

Here is the link to find out more about the book – use the email address on the site to check if there are any copies available.

Also check out his work on Flickr.



  • Manuela says:

    I am although a member of this crowfunding project and really pleasant that it get realised….. unfortunally he himself couldn‘t see it.
    I am touched to have such a personal and intimate book and I handle it with great respect, but although a lot of pleasure. It gives me inspiration. It is a book full of love …. his love for the sujets he sketched and the projects he has made. And the love of his family for him. And the love for the art of a really inspirated man …..

  • John Flames says:

    I have also received my book. I do not know what to say. Your words —Liz and Manuela– seem perfect to me.

    When I touch and open the book I try to honor Florian.

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