Europe18: Fife Adventures

July 13, 2018 | 4 Comments

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to resist the urge to explore many of the beautiful places in Fife. Instead I spent most of my time last week in West Wemyss – working or popping out for a quick sketch or two.

But earlier in the week I did go out for a few day trips. The first of these was to go to Kirkcaldy for some essential shopping and to do some planning work in my bullet journal. This first sketch was done from the Cupcake Coffee Box in Kirkcaldy while I was having my morning coffee.

Dysart Harbour

Next, I headed to the nearby Dysart harbour for lunch. When I arrived the tide was down.

I then had lunch at the nice Harbourmaster’s House and managed to get a table with a view. This view!

After I had eaten I headed out to the harbour and the tide was coming in.

It was a beautiful view but the sun was in the wrong direction and it was a bit too windy to get my paints out. I did an ink sketch instead.


Loch Leven’s Larder

A friend had mentioned how nice this place was for morning tea/brunch/lunch. So I just added it to my itinerary. It was very nice – with a lovely view of Loch Leven but I couldn’t help thinking: ‘What am I doing inland? I should be on the Fife coast!”

But since I was in the area, I decided to visit a palace!

Falkland Palace and Garden

I was very impressed by this place -gorgeous building and garden. There were some interesting interiors as well, but I was on a mission to get outside sketching.

This ink sketch is of the entrance. I actually did this at the end, after I finished a little treat – can you see the ice cream stand?

This is a double page spread of the courtyard. I get very bored doing a big repetitve sketch like this. Does it show?

This is the first time I used some new permanent ink for fountain pens – Lilly SketchINK – it’s a gorgeous colour!

And here is each page at a size you can see them!

A tearoom in Thornton

On my last full day I needed to go out to get a few things (not a single shop in West Wemyss) and discovered that there was a tearoom nearby – Serendipi-T. A lovely cream tea with beautiful china was a wonderful treat.

I enjoyed these mini trips, but I was just as happy staying put in West Wemyss!



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