EDiM2012 05: Something sweet

May 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

EDiM 05 Something Sweet
Well, the ultimate opportunity to draw something for this today. 3 hours (yes, we were shocked it was 3 hours and not 2!) in Sweet Belem café with a special friend – 2 rounds of pasteis da nata – known here as Sweet Belem Tarts – first round with a coffee (drawn after I had drunk it…hmmm, am not that experienced at drawing coffees from memory) and then with an earl grey tea. Lovely to see the owners again (and have my photo taken!!)
Oh! Love these cakes so much!!!! Having one (or two) of them today and seeing the pictures on the wall of this café made me get a touch emotional thinking back to my trip to Lisbon last year!!

Combination of ink and no ink… Wasn’t concentrating on my drawing that much as I was trying to concentrate on my friend! I do feel like I am being rude but I AM listening and am thankful that my dear friend understands! – thanks V for a lovely morning!!!

Guess who got a wee box of goodies to takeaway???


(BTW this sketch ends my EDiM2012 work… Oops… didn’t do so well this year!)

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