Everyday in May 02-04: Mouths and noses

May 4, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

As I am hoping to do 2 spreads per day… my plan of attack is to sketch from life at lunchtime and at night to doing reading/research from the various reference books. Here is a random page on mouths

I don’t sketch on Sundays (a day off) so Saturday is a double day…

If I can’t get out to sketch from life I am going to sketch from the book mentioned on this page. Working quick and loose with only basic pencil setup.

The book arrived yesterday – what timing! It has a great variety of faces.

I have a book on fashion illustration. There is something in the structured and stylized approach that clicks with my architect brain… though I am not using fashion proportions!


Very quick sketches while waiting for my lunch and then eating it. As I am a leftie, I did the sketches from right to left. SO the two on the right are waiting for my thai lunch and on the left is in the park.

Very rough sketches meant very rough and quick watercolour splashed on once I got back to my desk and before I started my work for the afternoon

My reference page for day 4. I am not sure how long I will be able to keep up with 2 spreads per day… but I will try! Had fun with this page!

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