Coloured pencils are back

November 2, 2022 | Leave your thoughts

For the last few weeks I’ve been focusing on combining  watercolour with Goldfaber Aqua Markers, but a few days ago I decided to throw coloured pencils into the mix.

So this article contains some of my daily sketches where I’ve drawn with ink, then added some coloured pencil texture, then colour and/or texture with markers and finally watercolour over the top.

I’m particularly enjoying using this technique for trees – so I’ve added a few zoomed-in images to the collection below. I’ve also included some photos showing the pencil and marker stage.

All of the sketches in this article are from my morning coffee except for the last one which is of something entirely different!

The last image… end of the day sketching amongst a stand of Turpentine trees on top of a hill. I had so much fun experimenting while I was doing this one despite the fact that I was constantly attacked by insects. 🙂

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