Colour detox planning and my extra palette

January 29, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Crazy busy day today…but one does need a break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. So this morning I did a quick sketch, this afternoon a quick(crooked) scan and post.

A colour detox is around the corner (limiting my palette) and just thinking about how I could use any of the Daiso pillboxes I recently bought in SG.

ALSO … I have been trying to mix greys with cerulean blue but haven’t found the right mix yet. Last night I discovered Cerulean blue (I am using the DS Chromium version) with Transparent Pyrrol Orange (my favourite warm red colour-even though it is an orange)

I think the point of the sketch was really to test the new mix out…. has potential!

And last week I tried to work out what was in my extras palette

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