City Arcades and Laneways, South Bank, South Wharf and Fitzroy

April 9, 2015 | 6 Comments

 Update on the last two days in Melbourne…

Wednesday: Morning on my own in the arcades and laneways in Melbourne City. 

The magnificent Block Arcade

Under the Dome in the Block Arcade

Coffee and view from Cafe Duomo as the grand arcade dramatically becomes a Melbourne laneway (thanks to the lovely staff at this cafe who didn’t take my money for my coffee!)

Still want to sketch Central Place laneway (any readers from Melbourne who have suggestions of which laneways I should sketch please let me know!)

Then a Chilli Hot Chocolate at Koko Black in the Royal Arcade (another lovely arcade that one day I would love to sketch). I have only one or two hot chocolates a year… and enjoyed this very much indeed!

Next a long walk along the South Bank promenade on a stunning afternoon – heading towards South Wharf where I would be meeting up with a group of the Melbourne Urban Sketchers.

I arrived early and found a quiet corner in a cafe where I could chill. Of course I had to buy a coffee… but didn’t draw it.

The gang turned up… I order a peppermint tea and then we all sketched the view. I did the paint first with my right hand and then completed with lines using my left hand.

Lovely dinner with 12 sketches and I tried very hard to sketch the food before it disappeared (I have since labelled this page as my drawings were rushed and a little abstract!)

A usual USK dinner… doesn’t look like it was very social as everyone has heads down drawing but I can assure you we had some laughs (BTW those heaters were great! )

Thursday: Fitzroy and USK Exhibition

After a little shopping in the morning with Chris and then lunch with Joe in Fitzroy, we met up with Paul – while he ate his lunch I had a earl grey tea and sketched a dramatic corner building (Greeves and Brunswick street)

I then sketched my tea using my left hand for lines and right hand for paint- I didn’t do both actions at the same time, but alternating. Of course at the same time is my next experiment!!!

I was really struck by the changes in scale in this part of Brunswick St so here is a quick street scene.
I did a few other sketches today but this post is long enough already….

But last but not least, we went to the opening of an exhibition of Art Town community event in Prahan which the Melbourne USK group were part of. Here is the wall of their sketches – looks great! Well done everyone!


  • Jennifer Branch says:

    I love the top brown ink sketch!
    The yellow tea cup is beautiful, so simple. Your teacups make me want to have tea!
    Beautiful day!

  • MiataGrrl says:

    Your ambidexterity is inspiring!

    – Tina

  • That was a full and busy day! Great sketches as always but I am mesmerized by the photo with your hands both being used. Why? The colors in the cup! Gorgeous and a favorite palette of mine!

  • Liz Steel says:

    thank you Jennifer. I am loving drawing in brown in and the yellow cup was fun!

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Tina! I am very surprised myself!

  • Liz Steel says:

    the two hands is mainly fun but at the moment with my left hand recovering from an injection, it seems to like drawing rather than painting. And with my right hand painting was easier than drawing…so I thought why not try it!
    yes those colours were gorgeous!

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