August 2020 Roundup

August 31, 2020 | 2 Comments

I’ve decided to start something new – a monthly roundup of the articles I’ve published here. It will give me a chance to look at what I’ve achieved in the past month and I hope that it will be useful for you too!

As I reviewed August there were definitely a few themes that emerged…


I changed from Hahnemuehle (A4 landscape format) to Moleskine Watercolour (A4  portrait format) towards the end of July and then changed to Stillman and Birn Alpha (softcover 8×10″). Each one of these sketchbook changes has been really good for me.

Here are the articles that explain these changes:

Hahnemuehle vs Moleskine: My preference and the reasons why

I’m absolutely loving my new sketchbook!

I changed my sketchbook again – back to Alpha

I also found a half finished article from March:  Review: Global Handbook Travelogue Sketchbook


Urban sketching

I’m continuing to be committed to getting out each weekday to sketch from my local area. I go out no matter what the weather is like and I’m sitting in some crazy spots! I’m trying to fit in a few dedicated sketching outings as well.

I’m still super inspired to sketch my local area!

A wet afternoon in Hunter’s Hill


Watercolour On Location topics

Hosting a super interactive Group Run-through of my Watercolour On Location course has been a big part of my life at the moment.

Here are two articles which are related to the topics of the course and/or discussions in our weekly livestreams:

“How can I make my sketches looser?”

Tree research


Sketching Architecture

I had a blast talking to Maria from ArtToolkit a few weeks ago on Instagram. I shared a lot of tips during the hour live demo…

Lots of tips for sketching classical architecture (Live demo replay)


Teacup Collection

And last but certainly not least, I have been continuing to sketch my way through my teacup collection and during August I sketched a lot of vintage cups.

Teacups 36-39: Old and new

Teacups 40-43: Three vintage cups and a plastic one

Last week something very special happened with this project and I’ll be sharing that with people on my newsletter tomorrow! (If you don’t already receive my monthly newsletter you can sign up here.)


And there you have it! All my August articles.


This has been a lot of fun to put together and it’s really good to review the month as a whole! I hope that you’ve enjoyed this roundup and that you had a good August!



  • Michal Doesburg says:

    For sketchbooks-looking forward to help on printing nicely. Also, would like creative ways to DATE the pages. I like how you do it, but other ideas would be useful to find one’s own style.
    Would love to send some of my journal page pics, but not sure how.

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