Another JimmyB building step-by-step

March 16, 2022 | 2 Comments

I just realised that I have not  shared two sketches from a short visit to the City in late February. I didn’t do much – for those of you who know Sydney, I simply caught the train into Town Hall and then walked down George St to Wynard with a few stops on the way.

My first sketch was this line drawing of QVB (Queen Victoria Building) and then I found myself looking at a building by JimmyB – James Barnet. “How surprising!” I hear you say! 🙂

I sat down on a bench just in front of the GPO building so all I could see was one of the arches. One day I would like to sketch the entire Geroge St facade of this building when I’m not worried about the threat of rain at any time!

Since I was recording some video clips to create a Reel on Instagram (see here) I have lots of step-by-step photos to show you.

On this occasion my steps were:

  • A few loose pencil lines of the main structure
  • Preliminary washes describing the structure
  • Drawing with fude (sepia ink) into the drying washes
  • More paint particularly to shadow areas
  • More details with the pen
  • A few final touches with paint (including some turquoise right at the end)

It was a fun and a rather loose sketch so I hope you enjoy seeing all of these close-up photos! 🙂


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