All my Port Macquarie Seascapes

February 6, 2013 | 10 Comments

Here are all my sketches/ paintings from three beaches at Port Macquarie during my recent trip:

  • Town Beach (where I swam morning and evening the first week)
  • Flynn’s Beach(with the iconic rock formation in the middle of the beach) and
  • Shelley Beach (which strangely didn’t inspire me as much as the other two)

I started this vacation not really having any idea how to draw/paint the ocean and by the end I was  addicted to painting waves!

Halfway through my stay there was a huge storm and the ocean changed dramatically from perfectly calm conditions to white and brown and wild. These post-storm seas really helped me be very conscious when it came to preserving my whites.  During the storm I did some some nightly research of other peoples ocean paintings but these didn’t relate to what I was looking at (dirty white foam everywhere) so I had to observe and think for myself. Truly this is the best way! As a result I started painting the water in between the waves and really thinking about what I was looking at. This was quite different from scribbling a few random lines with a china-marker and painting blue over the top which I had done earlier in my trip.

Anyway… here they are in order!



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