A crazy house

April 22, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Trying new paper (yes, loose sheets of paper!!!!) Fabriano Extra White 300gsm Hot Press.

Very nice but I will have to get used to it. This sketch was so totally out of control at one stage… but I paused and waited till it was dry (which I really should have done earlier on…I was working too fast and lost my water control) and then tried to rescue.

Amazing how much the paper affects your watercolour – yeah yeah … I know that paper has a HUGE impact but it is easy to forget this when trying something new. Why did I just expect to be able to do my usual stuff and get away with it? Certainly going to enjoy getting to know this paper better in the coming weeks…particularly if it means I have to slow down a little to get achieve my usual level of control (which is always not really in control – more living dangerously, taking risks and inviting ‘happy accidents’)

This is a wonderful crazy house in my local area that I have been wanting to sketch for AGES! Glad I finally started to sketch it… of course, knowing me, I hope you all realise that I want to do it again… and again and again. If I find a new subject I want to get the most out of the fun!

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