Pre Trip Sketching Day

July 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

I have been out and about all day today… it is not too different from one of my normal sketching Saturdays but I am in the mood for everything to be trip related. Trialed my new bag and it worked well.

A great day including some essential elements which formed MANY days when I travel
– meeting up with other sketchers (approx 20 from Sydney Sketch Club/ Urban Sketchers Sydney)
– sunlight, fresh air and a lot of walking
– complicated architecture sketch
– a visit to a tearoom, invaluable chill out time. Also, somewhat out of the way so extra effort required.
– end of the day unplanned sketch
– in a buzz after sketching a city icon that I love
– map page to be completed in the evening when I get back to my ‘room’

However, day I relaxed in the middle of the day, and managed to do most of the text during the day so had less to do in the evening than a ‘crazy’ day when I have sketches to finish, lots of notes etc etc!!

BTW, I am pretty happy that I got to sketch the opera house just before this trip. Last year sketching the Opera House on the day after I returned from my big one was very very special! This kinda ties the two together… the sketching journey continues whether you are at home or away…..

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