Tea Cosies coming out my ears!

April 23, 2011 | 1 Comment

Sorry about the repetitive nature of my sketches today… but you are all used to my obssession with sketching tea and tea related subjects.

Today was the first Saturday for 7 weeks that I didn’t need to go into the city (downtown) and therefore no visit to Tara Tearoom (and I told the owner and all the lovely waitresses that last week)…well… I wanted to catch up with Alissa and where else could we go on a very wet and cold morning that would be convenient for her. Needless to say we (including Lola, A’s mum – the dedicated sketcher standing up in the umbrella last week!) had a delightful morning!!!

Leroy has been sold but we met Theo this week instead.

All the talk about tea cosies and knitting them made me feel guilty that I haven’t knitted for ages… so I got Loani’s wonderful books out and did some more sketching… how could anyone NOT love these wonderful creations!!!!

1 Comment

  • Jean says:

    Liz, these are gorgeous! So charming! I adore tea, blog about it a lot. It seems my criteria for everything I bake is how well it goes with a cup of tea.

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