106 lockdown teacups

October 20, 2021 | 6 Comments

So here are the last few teacups for this project! I didn’t think when I started this that I would be sketching lockdown teacups into October… but that is what happened.

I managed to get very muddled with my numbering system so some of you might think that I’m missing a few in this article. But even if I haven’t posted them all or numbered them correctly, I do know that I managed to sketch 106 teacups in 106 days (the official length of the Sydney lockdown).

This project was really fairly easy for me to do as I was able to incorporate it into my daily routine (my afternoon cup of tea) and the sketches only take a few minutes to do while I’m sipping my first cup.

Finishing this project doesn’t really feel that big a deal as I haven’t felt locked down since I started walking in the bush in early September! The reason for this project (adding something special to each day) was eclipsed by my daily walks and sketching of trees. Also, I’m continuing to sketch teacups regularly (as I haven’t achieved what I was hoping for) so this project is ongoing. But I am proud of 106 teacup sketches since the end of June! 🙂

So just for the record, here are the remaining ones…

A few Deep Deep Light watercolour teacups…

I switched to my Gamma book and did not really think my black and white Lockdown 2.0 cups felt right on the cream paper

A few days of yellow cups….


And then a blue one! I was saving this particular one for the end.

Something a bit different… this is part of my ongoing project (a variation to the theme).

106th cup – Royal Albert Moonlight Rose with a lot of wet-in-wet madness.


And finally, as a bonus… here are two coffee sketches! 🙂


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