Sketchy Xmas Eve

December 27, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

A fun day of sketching on Xmas Eve…the only drama was that I forgot to take my paint tin with me!

I had a few pencils and some peerless paints.

As it was a big sketching day… I bought 6 tubes of standard paints and a small pencil set to use as a temporary palette. Thanks to Kate Johnson’s brilliant idea I ended up using the pencil tray for mixing – it worked very well today!

A few hours with Wendy in the Botanic Gardens

Then I went to the Art Gallery to see a wonderful exhibition without any crowds!

Then back to the entrance of the gardens for another sketch..

And back to Martin Place for some more architecture sketching – I was quite in the groove until I was interrupted by a freindly passer-by. Somehow that made me lose concentration and I too overdid the colour.

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