Experimental Page and thoughts on perspective

June 10, 2010 | 1 Comment

Ok… I might be an architect, and love drawing buildings and have an understanding of how perspective works… but that doesn’t mean that I know how to quickly and easy sketch perfect perspective. I am far too lazy to do proper set up lines and normally hide behind drawing straight elevations or heavily decorated buildings where my scribbles hide wonky perspective.

So a modern, simply fenestrated skyscraper in dramatic perspective is somewhat scary to me – hence I need practice. Also want to improve my water..but I got a bit distracted while doing this and it is a bit half hearted (BTW as I am a leftie I often work right page first). I can’t use the excuse that this was done late at night this time!

Hmmm… can I spill the beans yet about why I am drawing a Venice palace and the Empire State building on the one spread?… not yet…but just a hint that these kind of sketches will soon start to appear

1 Comment

  • AutumnLeaves says:

    Oh oh oh! Spill spill spill!! I think these are beautiful pages, but then I love architectural renderings and drawings (two different things in my mind) and your work is always exquisite. I always like the perspective when you are right below a building and look up at it (skyscraper). It seems to loom and lower over you!

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