EDM in EDiM 12 Draw your dinner

May 12, 2010 | 7 Comments

Well- this one was hardly a challenge for me…

I am in my element! Ilove drawing my food so much that I did my lunch as well as my dinner – or is that my dinner as well as my tea? You choose. Anyway – I had fun doing my usual food scribbles while still eating my food hot.

BTW something I wrote a while ago:

My trick to sketching my food and eating it hot!

I have the advantage of being left handed with a brush and pen but use my fork in the right hand. So….I normally draw quick outline, and then if I need to cut my food up I do this next (I eat a lot of stir fries with bite size food so this helps), then I start to eat from the back side of the plate so I can finish the outlines. Then, if there is no need for me to leading the conversation during the meal, I often start painting while I am still eating (using a waterbrush) – otherwise I do the colour from memory when I am finished my meal (but still sitting at the table)

I am developing my technique all the time.

This is part of the Everyday in May challenge – drawing something every day
in May. A group of us thought it would be fun to do a Everyday Matters (EDM)
challenge each day using EDM 1-31. The list is here
The Group that is going to give this a go (so far… let me know if you want to join in and be added to the list)
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