Mini Trip Prep and a bit of Banister

March 5, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

I am hoping to go to Canberra for a few days next weekend and therfore in true Liz style am trying to sneak some research (architectural research) in before I go. So this is my Friday night relaxation.. and hey I looked up Banister and he has a great one line quote that I could add.I love books that are full of single poetic sentences that one can quote directly. Freeland History of Australian Architecture is such a book – wish I had a copy (borrowing one at the moment!) Unfortunately this book was written before these buildings.

I absolutely loved these buildings as a teenager when they were brand new, and also thought they were still ok when I was at uni. In fact we did an assignment on these two buildings – can’t remember what subject it was for. It seems that I didn’t mind off form concrete as a child (a sign that I was destined ot be an architect?) – see another even more brutalist building here!

Also – I started to draw the plan of the National gallery but decided not to – so in lazy Liz style I have left the pencil outline there!

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