100120 This week so far

January 20, 2010 | 2 Comments

it is all a bit architectural…but then again, I am back at work!
100118 This weeks spread
Just using a Monday night sketchas the basis for the trivia this week.
If you bother to read my scribbles I am using my journal to keep me honest – this week I AM going to get tot he gym three times and I AM going to catch up on some of those emails…. aren’t I?

Mixing the colours up in this book. I am not one for pink in general since I had to wear it (quite similar to the strong pink in the sky) for 6 years as a school uniform – never really wore it since!
100119 A new roundabout
I just can’t seem to remember that the new roundabout(a few months old!) means I can now go a better way on my daily route… Maybe by drawing it I will remember from now on.
Sketching has SO many uses – doesn’t it?
Finding it hard to find the time to draw – but I still do it when I am way too tired…. Oh! For holidays to come back!

I think my scanner was on the wrong setting….
TODAY- Wednesday… as a result of discussion on flickr
tinto do verano wrote:
Akroter? there you have me – I thought that was called a palmette. You live and learn.
To which I did some early morning research (in Australia it is nice to wake up to comments and I try to respond before I leave the house…so can you see me getting out my architectural dictionary at 6.30am while still in my pjs!?)
I replied:
Tinto – you are right the form of the ornament is palmette but the actual object is a acroter (the book I sketched from has weird spelling – maybe german spelling- not that German is wierd,,,,,) or acroterium if placed on a pediment….
otherwise it could also be a antefix if it lived on the side of the roof hiding the end of the tiles.
Both the acroter and the antefix don’t have to use palmette – they could have other decorative motifs – statutes, griffns etc
Now, I have something to draw tonight if I am bored……
I am certainly not up on my classical architecture terminology – but not sure if I really need to be!

And then today I did this page…
100120 Acroter Research and Reality
Following on from last nights sketch… a bit of research and then a quick lunchtime sketch with an unexpected ornament!
100120 Quick AR 012010 sketches

One of my goals for this year is to sketch more contemporary architecture. And in particular to sketch from the mags that come my way – I often doodle what I look at but this year I want to start adding these to my sketchbook.
From today while I was eating my lunch!

update on the effectiveness of the roundabout sketch – today I remembered about the new roundabout and went the quick way…but will I remember tomorrow as well?



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