A little Greek Architecture tangent

January 20, 2010 | 2 Comments

I just can’t seem to remember that the new roundabout(a few months old!) means I can now go a better way on my daily route… Maybe by drawing it I will remember from now on.
Sketching has SO many uses – doesn’t it?

Finding it hard to find the time to draw – but I still do it when I am way too tired…. Oh! For holidays to come back!


As a result of discussion on flickr

tinto do verano wrote:
Akroter? there you have me – I thought that was called a palmette. You live and learn.
To which I did some early morning research (in Australia it is nice to wake up to comments and I try to respond before I leave the house…so can you see me getting out my architectural dictionary at 6.30am while still in my pjs!?)

I replied:
Tinto – you are right the form of the ornament is palmette but the actual object is a acroter (the book I sketched from has weird spelling – maybe german spelling- not that German is weird,,,,,) or acroterium if placed on a pediment….
otherwise it could also be a antefix if it lived on the side of the roof hiding the end of the tiles.
Both the acroter and the antefix don’t have to use palmette – they could have other decorative motifs – statutes, griffns etc Now, I have something to draw tonight if I am bored……
I am certainly not up on my classical architecture terminology – but not sure if I really need to be!

So today I did this page…


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