First Week Back at Work - starting Journal 25

January 18, 2010 | Leave your thoughts


A new book for back to the work – continuing my palette title page tradition. This is going to be fun to come up with different ideas everytime I start a new book…going for a more minimal approach this time!

This is the front row of my Daniel Smith tin which I used exclusively over the holidays – don’t ask me for the names of the colours as I am not sure…..Looks like the perylene maroon is in the wrong spot. Don’t really like this purple colour – I am used to Winsor Violet which is a strong staining colour – whilst I am not a fan of staining colours this one is too weak. Also, not sure that I have the right yellow – the lemon yellow and mid yellow look too similar.


It is funny going back to work and the feeling of not being able to sketch all the time (actually as an architect I am sketching at work…but it is not quite as much fun!) so I haven’t really sketched anything for 2 days now… Apart from the car sitting in traffic. January is supposed to be the month of lighter traffic… But not this year.

This is one of my weekly pages where I jot down random things that happen during the week – I love coming back and re-reading these. Total trivia often – like seeing a girl who has a teapot and cosy at work (like me!..well, I have had the teapot for years and have been waiting to knit a spare cosy so I can bring one to work!)

I like the challenge of integrating large chunks of text with sketches in my sketchbooks so that it flows as a whole and so that I am using it for everything in my life – having quite got to the point of writing my shopping lists in it yet….

Another one of my text page which I am using this week, with extremely loose Australian wildflowers at the base – I am so lazy… I haven’t even erased my pencil lines yet!

Another teapot…
…but this one is RED! (matches my shoes and handbag… not that that is of any consequence I am not going to be walking down the road carrying my pot!)

A creature of habit – using the raw sienna for a background – I have done this numerous times before!
There was a reason to sketch my red bag tonight.. this a a side view

Another one of my quick relaxing baroque sketches – and more Vanbrugh (English baroque)
This is such an unusual building! My watercolour is a bit heavy and murky – kind of like the building really!





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