April 19, 2010 | 4 Comments

I am SO excited to be included as a part of this wonderful article on Urban Sketchers in RED Report- the in flight magazine for Brazilian Airlines TAM.

If the issue link doesn’t work here is a link to it and…

here is the page I am on “A Australia de Liz” – love it!

So if anyone is flying TAM please look out for it!


  • travelingsuep - April 19, 2010 reply

    Congratulations Liz.

  • Cathy Gatland - April 19, 2010 reply

    I saw this on USk and was excited for you - great, Liz, wish I could get hold of a copy!

  • freebird - April 19, 2010 reply

    Hip, hip, hooray for Liz! Published! That is so wonderful. Congratulations.

  • Pam Johnson Brickell - April 20, 2010 reply

    Woo Hoo! Fantastic Liz!! I love your new banner too :)

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