• Evie - February 13, 2018 reply

    Ah-yes! Great idea! I did a very neat sketch of my updated palette in December in preparation for your wonderful Watercolour class, which ended today. Now I will have fun sketching the first page of my Stillman & Birn beta before I clean up my palette.

    • Liz Steel - February 13, 2018 reply

      Great Evie - still one more week for the course - Review 2!

  • Dena Limpede - February 13, 2018 reply

    I do the same, but with the entire palette. I just love that you took the pans out and did them alone! SO SMART! :)

    • Liz Steel - February 13, 2018 reply

      Thanks Dena - always trying to think outside the box - literally in this case!

  • Harry - February 15, 2018 reply

    Of course now you have to get them back in the right order...........

    • Liz Steel - February 16, 2018 reply

      well to tell the truth, I didn't actually pull them all out! :D

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