Why I love Baroque architecture so much??

September 8, 2011 | 1 Comment


Well… that is an interesting question!

I love the fluidity and forcefulness, the bold 3-dimensionaltiy, adventurous complexity and all the fun games that are played with curved vs flat surfaces and all the crazy decoration. Today while tidying up my study/studio I came across a print out of a photo I took in Rome last year of a building that I didn’t have the energy to sketch at the time. So I decided to have a bit of fun analysing it before I sketched.

So here are the exploratory sketches that I did in order to understand it. I also consulted the BEST book out there on Roman architecture. Not Built in A Day by George H Sullivan. George was my constant companion last year in Rome. I am no expert in Classical Baroque architecture so I couldn’t have told you after an initial review of the facade that the broken pediment was not doing its job properly… but as soon as I read George’s opinion I could see what he was talking about.

Not only do I love drawing them, but I get so much mental stimulation out of studying facades like this. I am certainly no advocate for classical architecture in our day…but I learn so much about composition, balancing of various elements, proportions and trust in Le Corb’s words on the top right hand corner of this blog. I am still thinking about if some of these characteristics and principles can relate more directly to today….

But in the meantime below are some other more successful Baroque facades that I DID sketch last year when in Rome (most of these were sketched standing up on the street) and I hope you can see how much fun I was having at the time!!!!!

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