Vlog 6: Acting on the thought "maybe I could do a sketch"

December 13, 2016 | 6 Comments

Well, it’s mid-December and well and truly the crazy time of the year! So I am sure that you are busy, and I know that I am flat out, so my intention was to be shorter. However I ended up adding a flip through of my 2008 Food Sketchbook, a look at my teaching sketchbook and a teacup demo! Click here for video on youtube.


The big theme of the week is that on a number of occasions when I thought to myself “maybe I could do a sketch of this” I acted on it.

I simply picked up whatever tool was handy and started. I didn’t worry about whether the sketch would be pretty or how it would sit on my page, I just went for it. This is good!

Check out this article on the idea behind my Sketching Diet including a link to that original food diary.

So how did you go last week? Did you sketch as much as you wanted or is the busyness of December getting in your way?


  • Gerda Wolzak-van Hummel says:

    Thanks for your vlogs. I’m always amazed people can draw their food; warm standing on the table and draw. I like it hot! I find the page-design in your food diary very interesting, can learn a lot of it. What is getting in my way in the moment is my music, my husband ( has a cold) and myself with a cold. But that pen with a sketchbook at hand and sketching what is standing before you is a very good advice. So, that is what I’m going to do without being to critical about the outcome.

  • Mary Beth Person says:

    I really admire your ability to capture the essence of the teacup. I know it comes with TIME . . . meaning cumulative attempts, practice and repetition. But since the time was sped up for the sake of the video, I was just curious about the actual number of minutes this sketch took?

  • Lynne porter says:

    I Love your enthusiasm and really want to do one of your courses, but the self direct wouldn’t work for me. Are you planning to do more courses in the future?

  • Your work is a wonderful source of inspiration, especially for a newbie like me. (I took on sketching and watercolouring in September this year). I watched the latest installment of your vlog yesterday while at work (shhhh, don’t tell anybody!) and decided that a still of your video would do for my sketch of the day. A rather hurried thing with fountain pen and waterbrush. I do apologize for the poor quality of the portrait!
    I’m looking forward to purchasing your 5-minute Sketching Architecture and taking your online classes.

  • Sidney says:

    Loved the VLOG! Are all the notes and explanations from your workshops in your new book? I took a foundations course, but I don’t remember seeing these sorts of notes. Notes + visuals/watching a demo are really helpful in learning. We get a tiny peak into that with your blog.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Sidney. These notes are from face to face workshops when working alongside people. It’s hard to replicate exactly online but I did a little of it in foundations lesson 12 and more notated diagrams in the feedback sessions in Edges and Buildings.

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