Trip Prep 11: How many sketchbooks

June 16, 2011 | 4 Comments


If my scribble notes don’t make sense I will post a photo once the covers are completed (sadly, I got a smudge on the first cover so will have to re-print tomorrow)


Meanwhile the sewing continues on Dress 2 in anticipation of the special zip foot.


If you are interested I found a youtube of a TV ad for the Make it Easy series (from the 80s!!!) which was very important to my sewing ‘career’. Seeing this ad and the pages of Volume 1 bring back SO many memories

In my formative early teenage years I started sewing. I only got $2 pocket money so I sacrificed the whole of it to purchase this series. Sadly I threw out the patterns (maybe some of the styles MIGHT come back in fashion!) but still have the index cards. The love of drawing flats and making up wardrobes from these patterns was a favourite pastime…didn’t have any money left to buy any fabric!

Later in my early 20s I progressed to Burda magazines and making my own patterns. My skills are not as good as they once were (amazing the things you forget and strangely how it does start coming back to you)


  • Ann's Art says:

    Hi Liz, what a great post. you certainly keep busy. i read with interest all of your posts and you always make them interesting. keep up the great work it is appreciated.

  • As a teen, the only way I had to get new clothes was to sew them myself. Sadly, it's nearly impossible to find a decent fabric shop these days (unless you want to quilt) so I've not sewn clothing in years.

    You tempt me to do so again —

  • I got to Provence qnd neqrly threw a wobbly when I thought I hadn`t packed TWO of my favourite sketchbooks

    Sooooooo i,portant to have enough sketchbooks

  • I have sewn since I was little, and used to make all my clothes, but now, it's more things like drapes and household items–pillows, etc, I tend to make. Sewing has become more expensive over the years, sadly. Funny you said this, though–I just purchased several very simple, basic dresses and skirts since they're so insanely priced in stores and I know I can make them nicely at home.

    Love your books!!

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