Starting Local Houses series. Big planning Session and an hour in the garden

July 26, 2014 | 6 Comments

Here is the last 5 days in my sketchbook – recording the various stuff from my life. And I almost survived 5 days without a teacup sketch…ha! not possible!

As usual, when I put these combo images together I am amazed at the variety of colours I used. Not too long ago, I would have thought most of my sketches followed a bit of a formula … but there is no doubt that mixing up the subject matter is a good way to mix up the colours too (though sometimes we do get stuck in the same colour combination despite what we are painting!)

Here are the cropped versions

Have started a new plan for my day. Very strict use of email and FB and a break in the morning to go for a walk (and sketch) I had planned to go for an early morning walk but it is dark at 6.30am. So I start work early and then break at 9.30 for my walk.
Have found this week that my water / pigment was a little out. This is my everyday alpha book but I am thinking of taking out the A4 moleskine or beta.

A sketch recording a big planning session for my own upcoming online classes – so much to do for that but I am seriously going for it now. If you want to get the latest updates please join my mailing list. Form at the base of this post.

Another sketchnwalk – decided to start a local house series. I have found a good street that doesn’t have too many trees and lots of interesting houses. I am inspired!

Was unhappy with crazy loose sketches I did the other day at Tea and Treasures (talking, drinking tea and sketching – what do you expect?) – so re-did the sketches from photos (I do not like sketching cups from photos- no tea to enjoy!)

And … I suddenly remember that I bought Loani Prior’s new tea cosy book last week. Sadly my knitting skills aren’t quite up to some of these amazing creations…nor do I have the time at the moment.

Today- I went out in the garden between showers and soaked up some sun as a break from a big of paperwork(so far behind!). Being in the garden is not unusual… but what was different is that I sketched. Normally I am out trying to work (thinking sessions, writing emails on my laptop etc etc) With Kate’s nature sketching on SBS this week… I was in a green mood.

Strange composition? This is the tree that I could see above the top of the roof of our house.
I think I am up to date with my posts now!


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