The Paginated Garden Exhibition

April 28, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Photos from tonight’s opening of the Paginated Garden – 16 invited book artists, 4 sketch artists (us) and 30 sketches from the sketchabout. It was a fabulous evening!

The Gang – Wendy, me, Annie, Alissa

Liz, a little Bear and a big sketch

It is very hard to take photos at an event like this – trying to keep people out of photos, dark lighting etc. Thanks to Eza for these photos!

Our books – Wendy’s book on the window sill, my sketchbook, Alissa’s sketchbook and Annies scroll.

I will be minding the exhibition on Saturday morning so if you are in Sydney please do pop in and have a look at some fabulous art. The quality and range of the sketchabout sketches is outstanding and the book art is very special!

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