Teacup week has started again!

April 1, 2016 | 17 Comments

Yes, my week teaching in Sketchbook Skool Seeing is on again. So that means there will be lots of people sketching teacups (and other patterned objects of significance) over the coming week. I might have to join in a few times!

So today, as I wasn’t able to make it up to my local cafe for my morning latte, I sketched my morning cuppa to get my creative juices pumping for a big writing session on my Sketching Architecture book. Not much else to say about this sketch except for the fact that I did this mixing up watercolour pencils, paint and ink in a spontaneous way.  And I choose this cup to drink from (and sketch) because my Cuppa Tea Time section has been a bit pink lately.  As an aside: sorting all my old blog posts out is a massive job, but one that I am chipping away at a little every time I post…. so hopefully the tags in the new posts lead to old interesting stuff. I know that I have many more teacup sketches to add to my Cuppa Tea Time section, but at least the above link is a start!

Please let me know if you are doing my ‘klass’ this week… or if you just feel like sketching a teacup anyway and share a link to your sketch in the comment section.

Embrace the wonkiness!





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