Summer 1112 Day 3 & 4 ...'Christmas'

December 29, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Summer! 26MO_04 Our Marble Run
2 low-sketching day… usual Sunday (day of rest) and then family day on Monday, Two hyperactive boys made it very hard to have any quality time to sketch….
The highlight of our family day for me was opening my present to my two nephews… Aunty Liz certainly loved the marble run….

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Summer! 25LD_01 French Earl Grey Spring Meadow
Summer! 26MO_01 Fortum and Mason EGT Duchess

Summer! 26MO_02 Plan and packing
Plan for the day…and packing for my trip to the Blue mountains

Summer! 26MO_03 Trying to sketch!
A bit of a crazy day….

Summer! 26MO_05 Out of COmfort zone!
This one was very hard.. my wee niece was moving constantly….but although out of my comfort zone I am happy that I tried!

Summer! 24SA_13 All importnat Schedule
BTW… I am really enjoying my tea and cup review. This is the schedule I am working to

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