Summer 1112 - Day 16 Paddington Reservoir Gardens

January 9, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

I am very excited that Wendy suggested we go to Paddington and sketch this amazing urban park. Had a great morning with Wendy and Annie.
Summer! J07SA_03 Paddington Reservior Gardens 1
Summer! J07SA_04 Paddington Reservior Gardens 2
Summer! J07SA_05 Paddington Reservior Gardens 3

To find out more- check out this video!

And the rest of the day (mainly food and tea…)
Summer! J07SA_01 Elizabethan Cup and EGT Royale
Summer! J07SA_02 Paddo morning coffee and Map
Summer! J07SA_06 Paddo Meatball Wrap

…. and of course I had to finish my holiday at home with a visit to t2
Summer! J07SA_07 T2 view
Summer! J07SA_08 T2 Blossom Tea Osmathus Burst

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