Sketching the back streets of St Peters

April 5, 2014 | 4 Comments

My natural sketching pace is fast… sometimes very fast…but this morning it was insane. All these sketches were completed in the 3-hour sketching session this morning with the USK SYD gang in St Peters… a bit of chatting occurred as well.

The scheduled sketch walk of 4 stops combined with a bit of shoulder/neck stiffness resulted in what I call a ratty mood…I was working fast and just doing but not feeling like it was flowing comfortably. I was rushing today! There is a sweet spot that I am aiming for constantly…. I still enjoy the days when I am not quite in the zone but always striving for it!

Every time we put pen or brush to the page there is an adventure and a challenge – are you up for it?

It is also amazing how much our initial judgment of our work is bound up with our feelings at the time which nearly always have an element of frustration – we had an image in our head of what we wanted to capture and it didn’t happen the way we wanted. We were talking about this today at some point (my 3rd stop on the sketchwalk?)

But what is the end result??? Sometimes we have to wait a day or two to review, don’t we? That is why I like to make sure that I am enjoying the process, the act of creating art… that way a satisfaction is always achieved on the day and in some way embedded into the work…

I just love sketching and moving pigment and water around on the page. I also love being out on the streets with some fellow sketchers exploring parts of Sydney I never knew about.

Two big sketching days in a row or me!


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