Sketching in The Rocks again

October 2, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Wow… a local sketching outing! It seems a long time since I had one of those…and it is a nice feeling (a GREAT feeling) to have the huge task of my Brazil posting completed (well almost!)
Yesterday was not quite a ‘sketch outing’ – it was a work session. I needed to go into The Rocks area to check on the arrangements with The Tea Cosy tearoom staff and scout out some sketching locations for my 2 day workshop next week. We use the Tea Cosy tearoom as our classroom in the morning and then go out on the streets in the afternoon.

Ok – having tea and scones is not really work!!!
But they have these lovely new cups… and it is good to get acquainted with them before the class demos?I was having fun letting my colours mix on the page – taking risks like I love doing.

Last time I ran the workshop in July it was mid winter and I had to find locations that received sun till 4pm (very limited options). This time there is more sun (and we are about to go into our summer time) and I need to have sun/shade options. Plus there are a few people doing the workshop for the second time so I want to make it interesting for them.

So I walked around exploring new areas, doing a few sketches in my book. These are more just for me rather than workshop prep (ie. I am not really giving away anything to those of you doing the workshop!) Since Paraty I have made a few adjustments in my daily sketchbook and also to how I approach situations when I don’t feel I have time to do a ‘proper sketch’. I will be sharing more about this next week.

A special hello to Amanda and Colin – two great conversations I had yesterday. Oh! I love the fact that sketching opens the door to meeting people…

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