Roadtrip2023: Carcoar

September 11, 2023 | 6 Comments

Another day and another beautiful historic town! This time it was Carcoar which I visited for a few hours back in 2021.


It has a very intact main street and timber bridge and therefore it’s often used in movies. In fact, while I was there I overheard a conversation about an upcoming filming project and all the logistics involved with it.


Back in 2021 the only cafe in town was open 7 days a week but unexpectedly closed the day I was there! But in 2023 this cafe is only open Thursdays – Sundays. (Limited opening times are quite common in these small country towns and so I had to plan my week accordingly!)

I got a takeaway Flat White on arrival and then sat at a picnic table sketching a tree as my warmup!


Here is a closeup of the tree.


I moved to another table nearby with a great view of the courthouse and the main street but I got to this stage and then a campervan blocked my view. I had no idea how long it would stop there and I suddenly lost interest in this sketch/view. I knew from the current sun angle that the view would be very different if I returned in an hour or so.

Therefore I left the sketch incomplete and I’m happy with that as it tells a good story about this particular moment.

BTW the courthouse is another JimmyB!


I then went for a walk up the main street and around the town. On the way, I did these two sketches standing up.

Note: I’m trying to get more comfortable sketching while standing up. It’s certainly easier when using dry media!


After my walk through the town I ended up back at the main street and I found a bench with a good view! Even though it was winter, it was very comfortable sitting in the shade.


Here is a scan of the finished sketch.


I did one more sketch of the main street after lunch. Note: There are some really great views at this end of the street which I look forward to sketching on a future visit.


It was then time to do a few simpler sketches – so I did these elevational views of two windows.


And finally as I drove out of town I found another verandahed building to draw!


And here is the full double-page spread.


I’ll finish this article with a photo of the courthouse and the street behind. Looks like I need another visit in order to sketch this building! 🙂

This article is part of a recent Road Trip to some historic towns between Bathurst and Canowindra. See all the articles here.

Next up… my favourite town… Canowindra.


  • Linda Barnhill says:

    The sketches are lovely done in dry media. Quite impressive. I’m rather surprised at how appealing they are. After taking the teacup class the decision was made to experiment with WC pencils more often. LOVED the class.

  • Nicole Sawyer says:

    It is lovely. All these beautiful sketches. I went on Google Map to see where you live, It is very far from me Québec, Canada.

  • Jamie C says:

    These towns are so very lovely! It’s fascinating seeing this dry media trip versus your previous road trip to these towns. Jimmy B sure did get around didn’t he? Lol!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Jamie – yes so many lovely towns to explore. And dry media sketches definitely not as loose as when I use watercolour

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