Pocket Brushes and Expressive pens

November 17, 2014 | 1 Comment

You know that things must be really really busy when I miss a few days posting – hey? Well, that sums it up at the moment. It is important for me that I keep up my sketching and if possible my blogging- so here is a little Sketching Now homework.

Three pocket sable brushes that I have used: 

The Rosemary brush and a great review by Parkablogs on the Escoda vs Da Vinci
My favourite is the Da Vinci but the cost and the screw lid isn’t so good. It is hard to beat the Rosemary brush!

And my two current ‘expressive line’ pens:

A Hero M86 and a short blue Sailor Pen.

My green sailor pen with the longer body is sadly missing (haven’t had time to do a proper search and it hasn’t just turned up so I am starting to worry). Both of these sailor pens have a 55degree nib. I would love to try the blue long body Sailor 45degree pen one day.
I find the variety of line is greater with the sailor and it is a lighter pen, though as my notes indicate the body of the M86 is quite nice to hold.


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