#OneWeek100People2022 - Hitting 100 x3!

March 11, 2022 | 4 Comments

On Day 4 I made it to 100 people sketched inside cafes…

and I also hit 100 with my warm-up sketches at home from photos, videos and zoom conversations.

Today I went out to my local Village Green and in just over an hour…

I sketched another 100! Whoa! I didn’t actually set out with the intention to do that. 🙂

These are really quick mini-people sketches that I could add to my general urban sketches. There were not that many people around (even though I went out at lunchtime) and so for the last few, I had to move and sit outside Goodfields.

In terms of the scavenger hunt, I didn’t make it a top priority this week. The crazy rain early during Monday and Tuesday and the impact on public transport for the rest of the week prevented me from doing the challenge in the City (which had been my plan). However I still sketched the following:

  • Person with an Animal
  • Construction or City Worker
  • Office/Shop Worker
  • Person Carrying the Shopping
  • Someone Eating
  • Someone Drinking
  • Someone Reading/Writing
  • Person Standing in Line
  • Two People in Conversation
  • Interesting Accessory (Cane, Umbrella, Cart, Pram)
  • Postman / Delivery Person
  • A person doing something you’ve never drawn before.
  • A group of four or more people!
  • Portrait of a stranger, drawn with permission – you must engage and ask!
  • Someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing!

These might not be obvious in my final sketches but the person I sketched at the time was included in this list. This gives me 19 points – so I’m happy with that. I would like to have another more serious attempt at sketching my way through the list.

Even though it was a full week and I didn’t end up having as much time for research and development as I had hoped, I’m really happy with what I achieved. Most of all I’m happy to be sketching people again and I hope that I will be able to keep going and make it part of my everyday sketching again.

Here are all the individual pages from the last two days:

Day 4 at Goodfields – page 1

Day 4 at Goodfields – page 2

Day 4 Zoom call

Day 4 Warm-up sketches – page 1

Day 4 Warm-up sketches – page 2

Day 5 Village Green – page 1

Day 5 Village Green – page 2

Day 5 Village Green – page 3

Day 5 outside Goodfields


Well, I need a break now! 🙂

How did you go this week? Regardless of the final number you achieved, I hope that you enjoyed sketching more people than normal in the last few days!


  • Jeanne says:

    liz i made it to one hundred too .i got better as I went along. I am in your second go round of foundations.

  • Susanna says:

    Day 6 and I’ve finished….with 105! Thank you for encouraging those of us who found the thought of participating very intimidating. It took a lot of courage to post my first few pages, but I found the challenge quite motivating and fun. Part of the fun was deciding to try different tools and/or design elements on each page. By the end, my ability
    noticeably improved and I discovered that certain tools and techniques worked MUCH better for me than others.

    One Week 100 People was a terrific sketching experience and I’m grateful that you and Marc hosted the challenge again this year. Looking forward to ’23!!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Yay! Susanna! Big congrats! And yes, it’s an amazing challenge and I’m glad we are continuing to host it each year.

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